Four scents to relieve stress

Aromatherapy essential oils are brilliant at promoting relaxation before bedtime as part of a wind-down routine and to create a soothing environment to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. Here are three scents that help relieve stress.
September 24, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
Sleep Friendly Cocktail - The Sleep Care Co.

Sleep Friendly Cocktail

Excited to say that I have created a sleep friendly cocktail, which is now permanently available on the menu at Powerscourt Springs health farm, where I am hosting our Beauty and Sleep Retreat in November.
September 09, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
Beauty + Sleep Retreat - The Sleep Care Co.

Beauty + Sleep Retreat Weekend at Ireland's only Health Farm

We, alongside Face Yoga by Agnes, are delighted to host you on our Beauty + Sleep Retreat in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains at Powerscourt Springs from 6 -7 November.
August 29, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
10 tips for sleep

10 tips for sleeping in the heat

The summer heat can keep us awake. The ideal temperature for the bedroom is 18.3°C  but anything from  16°C to 20°c is good for sleep. But in summer this is not possible! As we are used to lower temperatures during the rest of the year, our brain thinks that 'the heat'  is a signal to stay awake. In order for us to sleep, we need to reduce our body temperature.
July 16, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
Sleep affirmations

What are Sleep Affirmations?

Sometimes, we can have negative connotations about sleep, our bed, our thoughts or how our day has gone. Use sleep affirmations to rewire your brain and eliminate negativity.
July 13, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
stress affecting your sleep

Stress affecting your sleep? 3 techniques to help

Sleep is often a neglected side of wellness but it’s as important a pillar of health as diet and exercise. Life and work can be stressful and the uncertainty of the past year has seen us more anxious and stressed than ever before, with the result that we aren't sleeping much.
June 22, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
Why sleep is so important

Why sleep is so important

Sleep is the foundation of wellness. Sleep restores, revives, reduces stress, improves concentration and regulates weight. Sleeping well benefits your body, mind and soul. With a well rested sleep, you feel energised, recharged and refreshed so that you can tackle anything the day brings with ease and happiness.
June 21, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
The Sleep Journal - writing things down can help you sleep

How writing things down before bed can help you sleep

It’s proven that committing ourselves to paper is so effective in creating real change in our lives. It makes you more committed, helps you think big, gives you a record of the past helps you gain a sense of achievement and to process your emotions.
June 14, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan
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