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At The Sleep Care Company, we have a sleep expert in shift work for companies. You can book a consultation with our sleep expert about how to manage your shift work schedule to minimise health risks and maximise your energy, alertness and quality of life as you are working shifts.

Testimonial about our shift work one to one consultation
‘I spoke to Anne Marie who was a significant help in setting up a correct sleeping pattern due to my career taking a different turn working nights. Her advice has really helped me balance sleep times and developing a pattern whereby I am able settle into a regular routine of energy for work, as well as winding down when is needed for sleep’. Thank you Anne Marie!  Cian, London.

Shift work support for companies and shift worker employees
At The Sleep Care Company, we advise managers on how to support their shift worker employees using science backed strategies.

You can also book our sleep expert for a sleep wellness talk or sleep wellness in-person, tailored to shift work, to give your shift workers a new way to optimise their health, sleep, alertness, and quality of life.

Shift work workshop for employees testimonial
‘Just to thank you so much for coming on site. Anne Marie delivered a superb Sleep Wellness workshop for a group of 50 shift work employees as part of our Wellbeing Week.  The feedback was very positive from the attendees and the supervisor was very impressed. I hope we could introduce this to other areas of the business in the future.’  
(They did and went on to book a further two sleep workshops to support their shift workers during mental health awareness week).
Kate, Occupational Health Manager, Food industry, Ireland.

Contact us on to speak to our sleep expert about a one to one shift work consultation or a group shift work workshop for your employees.

December 22, 2023 — Anne Marie Boyhan