Sleep deprivation costs the US economy $411B and the UK economy £41 billion a year through working days lost due to lack of sleep.

Life is pretty awful when you’re sleep deprived.

But imagine if you slept well and used sleep as a powerful natural performance enhancer. You would wake up refreshed and feeling energised, exceed all of your targets, excel at every meeting, increase your productivity, have razor-sharp thinking, avoid workplace accidents and feel fulfilled in your job.

For Corporate Sleep Wellness, I can work with you and your teams in two ways.

1. Sleep wellness talks and workshops

My sleep wellness talks and workshops give your staff the tools to optimise their sleep, reduce stress and employ tangible techniques so they can sleep well every night. They learn how to build a healthier lifestyle, armed with a toolkit for better sleep.
Sleep workshops and webinars are delivered via webinar or in person. Duration: 1 hour. Topics covered: 5 Things Causing Your Insomnia, What’s Your Sleep Chronotype, Sleep Rituals, How to Create a Sleep Sanctuary, 9 Steps to Sleep Success, Sleep for Nightshift Workers, 5 Things You Never Knew that are Killing your Sleep, The Sleep Fix - fuelling an active workday and using nutrition and lifestyle advice to prevent workplace stress and burnout. Wellness talks can be tailored to a theme specific to your company regarding sleep health and wellness.

2. Corporate Wellness HRV Service - stress and recovery management for business leaders and teams.

A company is only as good as its people and healthy people make for a healthy business. By supporting your people in achieving optimal health and performance you’re providing the groundwork for sustainable business growth.

The Corporate Wellness HRV Service gives your people the tools that provide highly accurate insights on stress, recovery, sleep and exercise. It helps to find the right balance between load and recovery and enables employees to make choices that support their own health and build peak performance so that leaders can better support their teams. It includes:

  1. An easy-to-use reporting platform to monitor company-wide health and wellness and identify potential risks.
  2. A personal HRV sensor that lets staff monitor their sleep, recovery, stress, and exercise as often as they want.
  3. An app for staff to understand the effect of their daily choices and improve their well-being.
  4. A coach to keep motivation high and engage employees to make positive changes or I can train your well-being personnel to do this.

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Wellness HRV Service.

Public Speaking

Anne Marie is a sleep expert and public speaker on the topic of sleep and stress management. She works with brands as a sleep expert.

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