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A few years ago my only focus in life was excelling professionally at my corporate career in marketing. It’s something I had worked hard for my entire life. I was working for C-Suite executives but I was burning the candle at both ends - I had young kids at home whom I never saw as I was working so much and was ‘always on’ working late into the night, often responding to emails in the middle of the night and managing a team in a stressful job during the day. I lived on coffee to keep my energy going and in a bid to try and wind down I'd often have wine after work and always felt tired and wired. All of the time my sleep suffered- I was lucky if I slept 4 hours a night. My insomnia was relentless. One day I fell over, I couldn’t focus and went to my doctor who ran some blood tests on me. When my bloods came back ‘all clear’ over the phone he told me that I was sleep deprived and was burning out. That was the kick I needed. What I realized was what I wanted was to have a career where I was able to prioritise my family.

The Sleep Care Company | our mision To empower you to make sleep a priority

As a result of my sleep struggles, I became obsessed with the topic of sleep and studied every scientific paper and book on sleep going. For the first time, I built a sleep routine for myself, writing on post-its what I needed to do every eveninig to wind down and sleep. I tried a lot of things to help me sleep including hypnotherapy, acupuncture and supplements. Google was my best friend and I was trying everything possible to sleep.

I set up The Sleep Care Company with the aim of helping others be well and sleep well. I wrote a 90 day wellness journal, called The Sleep Journal.

But I felt that there was still something missing. I wanted something extra to offer clients and I longed to work with them one on one to really help them overcome their sleep struggles as I realised that sleep hygiene and sleep hacks did not work for people with insomnia who had tried everything and still couldnt sleep.

One day I was listening to a podcast I realized that functional lab work would be the eureka piece I needed for my clients to get to the bottom of what was causing their insomnia.

I qualified as a certified sleep science coach and I enrolled in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and became a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P). I ran a set of laboratory tests on myself to figure out the imbalaces in my body that were causing my insomnia. In parallel, I learned a holistic program based on the fact that our bodies have an innate ability to heal, and once I followed the program and addressed the imbalances in my body, I went from getting those few hours of sleep to sleeping 7 hours a night I was a new woman! Alongside my functional medicine qualification, I have completed further studies in thyroid and hormone health.

Using everything I’ve learned, I offer The Insomnia Solution Program to help high-performers eliminate soul-crushing insomnia so that they can sleep through the night and start living again.

As well as individuals, I help organizations and their employees optimize their sleep to perform better through compelling corporate wellness talks and workshops on the subject of sleep, resilience and brain health. Get in touch via

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