Why sleep is so important

‘Sleep is like the golden chain that binds our health and body together’.
Thomas Dekker

Sleep is the foundation of wellness. Sleep restores, revives, reduces stress, improves concentration and regulates weight. Sleeping well benefits your body, mind and soul. With a well rested sleep, you feel energised, recharged and refreshed so that you can tackle anything the day brings with ease and happiness.

Lack of sleep on the other hand, weakens our immune system, increases anxiety and the risk of certain diseases, makes us feel hungrier and let’s face it, grumpier. Lack of sleep changes your mood and it can ruin your day. When we don’t make time for our sleep and wellness, it takes a toll on our whole body.

Why sleep and a sleep ritual is so important
Being at your best means you’re better equipped to handle stressful days and any challenge life throws at you. That’s why an evening routine for sleep is important.  But why do we need one? Here are just some reasons why:

1. Sleep makes a big difference to our physical health, which ultimately benefits your body long-term

2. Sleep can prevent stress from getting the better of you and can improve our energy levels.

3. Sleep and a self care routine can promote our relaxation response which makes you feel good about yourself and your life.

4. You cannot pour from an empty cup- it can be more difficult to care for others when you’ve forgotten to nurture your own needs.

5. Sleep is paramount for good health

There’s not one organ in our body that’s not enhanced by sleep, or impaired without it.

Know that you’re not alone
. Many adults don’t get enough sleep, putting their health at serious risk. 36% of Irish adults reported finding it difficult to fall asleep in a 2019 survey. 66% of people who were getting the optimal 6-8 hours sleep a night reported their QUALITY of sleep to be ‘average’ or ‘poor’. (Health Ireland Survey. Read the survey here).

Quality sleep is within our reach and through this website and the tools and support we offer at The Sleep Care Co. we are here to help. Check out our Insomnia Solution here

Useful resources
HSE: Trouble Sleeping
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February 15, 2023 — Anne Marie Boyhan