The 180-Day Private Coaching Program for driven men and women who want to ditch unrelenting insomnia & get their sleep back!

Hello, high-performing professional

You're a driven corporate professional or business owner who loves succeeding in work and at life.
You have BIG goals for your career and your company.
Your life and happiness is found earning money and providing a fabulous lifestyle for you and your family.

Cartoon of a professional delivering corporate wellness talks

If you're being honest with yourself... feels like you're on an endless hamster wheel of sleeplessness and no therapy, product or sleep aid can help.

There MUST be another way!

And if something doesn't change? You worry that this is just how it is and that soul-crushing insomnia is part of your life forever!

But, for months (or years)... can’t fall asleep or you wake up for no reason and toss and turn all night only to do it all again the next day... You dread going to bed and you wake up exhausted, because of the unrelenting insomnia cycle.

You've tried everything to help you sleep from the latest sleep aids to medication, supplements, multiple modalities and sleep hygiene, but nothing works for long. Your doctor ran blood tests but you've been told everything's normal but deep down you know something's not right...

You’re irritable and snap at people...You're a shell of the person you used to be and are constantly stressed hiding how tired you are from your work and family.... you're falling behind at work where it takes you longer to do things, rather than nailing it like you used to.

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What if...

  • What if... you were able to sleep through the night, wake up feeling well rested and ready to conquer anything your day throws at you...
  • What if... you got to live normally, get the 'old you' back, face tasks with laser focus and clarity...
  • What if... you're happy and no longer snap at people for no reason, you crush it at work and in life doing whatever you want to do...
  • What if... you could ditch the fear of being found out every time you can't keep up and you're struggling in the back...

...without having to take a million supplements, go on
antidepressants or end your social life forever?

Here's the problem...

  • Sleep is so confusing. Every day there is a new sleep gadget or tiktok trend that everyone is doing and you're still not getting any sleep
  • You're already doing ALL.THE.THINGS; suffering through meditation, buying the latest pillow spray, trying sleep meds or a sleep study and you've done sleep hygiene until the cows come home
  • The reality is that there is something going on in your body or mind that's preventing you from sleeping. You've been trying things one by one but we need to look at and tackle everything together, so that you can start sleeping again soon.

Eventually, a lot of people just give up and accept that this is just how it is. I mean, who could blame them? Trying to heal and not getting results is the WORST. It's demoralizing.

But there is another way!

Hi, I'm Anne Marie

I'm Anne Marie and I've walked in your shoes, feeling soul-crushing insomnia and the stress of wondering, "will I ever get better?"

In 2019, I realized that no doctor could help me and that I needed to take matters into my own hands.

I worked in the corporate world, burning the candle at both ends juggling my job and a young family and eventually something gave - my health due to sleep deprivation. It gave me the push I needed to turn my health around. What I really wanted was to have a fulfilling career helping others but still have time to see my family.

But I had no idea how. And then one day, I stumbled upon a podcast discussing functional medicine and how it could help those struggling.

I ended up deciding to become a health coach and study Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and running lab tests on myself. I discovered I had liver congestion, a bacterial infection and a parasite. After working through this, I was finally able to get my sleep back and get back to doing what I love, being with my family and running my business.

I was so blown away by the results that I decided to set up a wellness company dedicated to sleep.

Today, I run a thriving Insomnia and Sleep Coaching practice that helps driven men and women ditch their unrelenting insomnia and get back to doing what they love whether in life or in their career!

Anne Marie Boyhan | Sleep Expert and Insomnia Consultant Ireland

Why the Easy Sleep Method is different

There are few programs out there for insomnia since most practitioners are confused by what causes it. The ones that do exist fail to seek the deeper root causes. If you want to heal your insomnia and sleep issues, we need to identify the actual problem.

My program incorporates lab testing so we can discover your unique root cause (instead of guessing) and customize a health plan based on actual data. This could be the last insomnia solution you will ever need.

Why I'm different

  • I've been in your shoes! I've suffered with insomnia and recovered
  • I've spent years studying the root causes of insomnia. I'm a certified sleep science coach and have advanced FDN training in thyroid, stress, measurable resilience, hormones and hair tissue mineral analysis.
  • I'm trained in Functional Lab Testing so I will be able to uncover your root cause
  • I've helped men and women like you resolve their insomnia
  • I'm 100% results driven - I am deeply committed to your transformation
  • I'll teach you EVERYTHING you need to know and help you implement it
  • I care deeply for you your struggle and seeing you succeed

How it works

When you enroll in the Easy Sleep Method, I'll leave no stone unturned in getting to the root cause of your insomnia. This starts off with targeted testing and from that I develop your customized health plan.
The functional lab testing and tools in the program include the following:

1. Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
A lab test that uncovers mineral imbalance and heavy metal toxicity, we'll work to uncover the markers stressing your body and correct them.

2. G. I Map
This is a stool test which helps uncover bacterial, yeast or parasite infections as well as looking at liver congestion and your immune system. We dive into advanced gut healing strategies so that you can properly digest, absorb and assimilate critical nutrients

3. Food sensitivity test
This blood spot test helps identify foods that may be causing inflammation in your body or leaky gut and which are preventing you from sleeping.

4. Autonomic Nervous System Balancing
Here we look at tools to balance your nervous system via diet and via measuring your sympathetic and parasympathetic response. Plus I give you strategies to balance these so that you're reducing the stress on your body.

5. Functional Blood Chemistry
Discover the root cause of your sleep issues through looking at your physiology. No more frustration hearing ‘your tests are normal’ - this analysis helps identify imbalances and deficiencies and you’ll receive clues about which items to work on following the most science backed test there is.

6. Stress and Hormones
This is done via the DUTCH test, a dried urine sample which gives me an insight into when stress (cortisol) is happening during the day, what
your circadian rthym is like, your HPA Axis, sex hormones and melatonin. An imbalance in many of these cause insomnia so I look to identify and balance these for you.

The Insomnia Solution is a 180-day, high-touch private coaching program thatgives you 1:1 support and accountability to eliminate insomnia and achieve all yourwork and life goals!

  • 5 functional lab tests
  • 6 coaching calls
  • Unlimited support between appointments
  • Weekly accountability check-ins
  • Educational modules
  • 1 measurable device

Want to work with me?

Let's hop on a complimentary discovery call and let's chat!
On the call, I'll ask you a few questions, listen to your story and make sure that The Insomnia Solution is the right fit for you. And if not, I'll suggest something else so you can achieve your goals.

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