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Toxins keep us unwell. They cause inflammation which cause symptoms such as insomnia. Here's what do do instead.
You can start with 1) what we put on our body 2) the food we eat and 3) eliminating toxins in the water we drink.
  1. Skincare and personal care / makeup: our skin is our largest organ. What you put on it is important. gradually swap out your make up with products that don't contain these top toxic ingredients: parabens, talc, SLS, fragrance or perfume, propylene glycol, pthalates and triclosan. + Look for brands that are clean. A great way to actually know is to check your products on the website or use the Switch Natural App.
  2. The food that we eat - opt for organic where possible.
  3. Make sure you are drinking 6-8 glasses of filtered water daily to flush out toxins. If you're eating out in a restaurant, avoid tap water.
Best way to flush out toxins? Have at least one bowel movement daily. Pooping peeing and sweating are 3 ways to eliminate toxins and reduce your toxic load If you've tried everything and still can't sleep, book a free insomnia breakthrough call with me on and let's chat about how I can help you sleep through the night again
December 05, 2023 — Anne Marie Boyhan
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