Feel Amazing


Two ways to invest in your health via this programme:
Option #1 – Pay in full payment of 999 Euro
Option #2 – Payment plan option of 1119 Euro. Three payments of 373 Euro

Contact annemarie@thesleepcarecompany.com if the payment plan is what you'd like to do.

The #1 Secret To Beating Burnout, Better Health & Happiness

A Step-By-Step Method To Beating burnout! Get Rid of sleep issues, joint aches and pains, skin breakouts, hormone balance and MORE!

Do you wake in the night or feel exhausted even after a full night’s sleep? Do you feel like you're on a hamster wheel juggling career, relationships, family and that your health is suffering as a result of it all.

This is for people who are tired of feeling tired, experience foggy thinking, anxious, irritable, bloated or with skin problems and feel terrified that things will be like this from here on in. Rather than aimlessly trying different things to feel better instead of guessing, you’ll get a tailored plan based on data found from your functional lab work, which will be your roadmap over the three month program.

This 12-week online wellness program will put you in the driver’s seat of your own health and empower you to feel amazing again.  It includes group coaching and one to one access to Anne Marie Boyhan, a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and certified sleep science coach. Feel Amazing consists of a cutting-edge functional health, data-driven wellness plan & weekly support within a community of high-achieving women.

If you’re ready to overcome the signs of burnout without sacrificing your success,  and ready to receive clarity and a data-driven strategy to feel amazing again, sign up here. Feel free to chat to Anne Marie and receive the full schedule.

Starts September 29th. Places Limited.

There is also an additional investment in one functional lab test required for the program. This is a stool sample test and the cost is 389 Euro which is paid by credit card directly to the laboratory plus shipping costs to Denmark where the lab is located.

(Note: Supplements are optional but highly recommended. Personalised supplement recommendations will be an additional cost and can range from 75-150 Euro per month and can be adjusted to fit your budget. You will receive a 10% discount on recommended supplements).