Sleep affirmations

Sometimes, we can have negative connotations about sleep, our bed, our thoughts or how our day has gone. Use sleep affirmations to rewire your brain and eliminate negativity.

Our subconscious brains are programmed to think negatively. Say for example we’ve planned to go for a walk today. It’s like there’s a chimp constantly whispering in our ear: ‘Nah, stay home and sit on the couch and watch some TV instead. You deserve it’. You have to ‘correct’ the chimp all the time, to do the right thing. In this case, to go for that walk, repeating ‘I will go for that walk because it will clear my head and make for a healthier version of me’. (There’s a fascinating book that explains it all called The Chimp Paradox by Prof. Steve Peters).

Our subconscious minds accept what we say to them. By repeating positive statements (affirmations), we train the subconscious mind to create positive results for us. I like to think of affirmations as brain commands. Saying them out loud and believing them, rewires our subconscious into thinking positively. When we do this, it becomes a belief.

Sleep affirmations are ideal as part of a bedtime ritual and setting yourself up for sleep success. Let them guide and support you on your pathway to sleep. You can read them in our Sleep Journal, repeat them regularly, post them in visible places around the house or repeat them out loud to the mirror.

However you use them, I hope that they will positively impact your sleep wellness.

Here are three sleep affirmations to get you started.


July 13, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan