10 tips for sleep

The summer heat can keep us awake. The ideal temperature for the bedroom is 18.3°C  but anything from  16°C to 20°c is good for sleep. But in summer this is not possible! As we are used to lower temperatures during the rest of the year, our brain thinks that 'the heat'  is a signal to stay awake. In order for us to sleep, we need to reduce our body temperature.  

Here are ten tips to try for sleeping in the heat:
1. For cooler climates start with changing your duvet to a lower tog; anything from 2.5 to 4.5 tog. (Your winter duvet tog are normally 10.5 to 13.5.)

2. Switch sheets and sleepwear to linen, breathable cotton or bamboo.
Research shows that natural fibers can help you regulate your body temperature, so switching up your sheets and your sleepwear for a breathable cotton, linen or bamboo in the summer could help you sleep better.

3. Sleep on mattress on the floor
It's cooler the lower on the ground you are.

4. Use a fan for those really hot nights and let the cool air flow.

5. Darken your bedroom and close windows during the day
  It's a good idea to darken your bedroom during the day, and just ventilate it before going to bed. If it's quiet and safe, open windows during the night. If not, sleep with the door open and open any windows in the house to allow a flow of air.

6. Sleep with at least one sheet on -  it's a good idea to sleep with at least one sheet on as this helps with absorbing moisture during the night and will keep you cooler than no sheet. Some say sleep in the nude - it's an effective way to get some sleep in the heat and it's free!

7. Shower before bed
Having a lukewarm shower means that your pores will widen, and the heat can escape from your body. This means you will not overheat at nighttime. Wash away the day and soothe the mind with Lavender, Jasmine and  Sandalwood with our Sleep Better Bath and Shower gel.

8. Lower your body temperature naturally
Use a wet towel to cool parts of your body. You could also try ice cold water in a hot water bottle. Swollen feet?  Bathe your legs and feet in ice water- for example this could be a shower just up to your knees. This helps lower your body temperature and eases the swelling.

9. Wind down before bed
Keep a sleep routine and give yourself time to wind down before bed, giving yourself a buffer between the day and evening, for something that calms you.

10. Turn off all devices
one hour before bed. Avoid that blue light from your phone otherwise it will signal to your brain that it's time to be alert!

I hope that this is helpful for you this summer. Drop me a line anytime on hello@thesleepcarecompany.com  - I'd love to hear your feedback.

July 16, 2021 — Anne Marie Boyhan