The Fall Asleep Sleep Kit


A good sleep routine supports better sleep and a great night's sleep maximises our mood and energy levels the following day.

Not sure where to start or want to help someone you love get some shut eye?  Try our The Fall Asleep Sleep Kit, a beautifully curated gift box of sleep essentials to fall asleep with ease. This Kit is lovingly curated to maximise your sleep routine and help you fall asleep faster.

The Kit contains:

  • Organic Pillow Mist to transform your sleep space
  • A soothing roll-on to calm your senses naturally
  • A Sleep Journal to guide you in creating your evening routine, with a space to brain dump and write your to-do list, suggested exercises to fall asleep and for when you can't sleep, sleep affirmations, a sleep tracker and tips from the world's top sleep experts
  • A guided body scan mindfulness meditation


Flora and Fiona Rest Oil Apply to pulse points, or hands and inhale during your evening routine for the ultimate calming and soothing remedy.

Organic Pillow Mist MrsRganics Pillow Mist Mist has been recommended by a top sleep expert and it will transform your sleep space before bedtime. 

Sleep Journal Reclaim the sleep you deserve every night. Our Sleep Journal has everything you need from a space to brain dump before bedtime to sleep affirmations, sleep yoga and a space to plan our perfect evening routine. Available in a white or a green colour, please state in comments when you order which is your preference.

Mindfulness Bodyscan Meditation

A study showed that Mindfulness is known to help people fall asleep twice as fast and listening to this bedtime bodyscan meditation (18 minutes long), will help you fall asleep. The Meditation will be emailed to you following receipt of your order and can be listened to every night. 

How to use

As part of your evening routine and to prepare yourself to wind down for a perfect night's slumber, apply the Rest Oil roll-on on your pulse points and spritz the Organic Pillow Mist on your bed and around your room to transform your sleep space. Write your to-do list, brain dump and read Sleep Affirmations in your Sleep Journal before listening to a mindfulness body scan meditation to fall asleep fast.