Sleep Workshops

Our corporate sleep wellness workshops focus on a combination of sleep education and wellness, created for employees to discover the importance of sleep. Get in touch to host yours today.

To be well, we need to sleep well. And let's face it, a lot of us aren't doing that right now. 36% of Irish adults reported finding it difficult to fall asleep in a 2019 survey and this figure has only increased during the pandemic. As acknowledged by the Irish Government’s Healthy Ireland Report, when it comes to our health, sleep needs to be prioritised and treated with the same importance as nutrition and fitness.

The Sleep Care Co.'s Sleep Workshops focus on a combination of wellness and sleep education and we look at why employees might not be getting adequate sleep. Attendees leave the session armed with the knowledge and a toolkit to change this. Consider a Sleep and Wellness Workshop as a team-building event, which can be integrated into your in-house or off-site plans.

Sleep Retreats at a Wellness Offsite Day

With team wellness and well-being seen as an important pillar of your company's success, we also offer Sleep Workshops as part of a Wellness Away Day, team building or an alternative Christmas party, at Ireland's only Health Farm located 30 minutes from Dublin.

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Corporate Gifting

Give the gift of a good night's sleep to those who help keep your business running and thriving.

Choose from
  • Our Sleep Journal, a wellness journal that can be personalised with your company name or
  • Reward your team and help them rise and shine through every challenge and nurture their wellbeing with a personalised gift box from our luxury range of sleep and wellness products.
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