'Sleep Experts Share Their Tips on World Sleep Day' on The Gloss

Our founder Anne Marie was delighted to be featured in The Gloss, Irish Sleep Experts Share Their Tips on World Sleep Day article, thanks to Penny McCormick.

'The Sleep Care Co. is where you’ll find everything sleep related in one place from The Sleep Journal (an evidence based sleep wellness journal to transform your sleep), to Sleep Retreats to luxurious sleep products such as cashmere bed socks, pyjamas, silk pillowcases, essential oil diffusers and supplements. Boyhan is a holistic sleep expert and sleep health and wellness speaker who helps people fall asleep and stay asleep without sleeping pills. As a certified sleep science coach who is studying functional medicine – she provides bespoke programs for her clients combining emotional, lifestyle and biochemical stress management.

“For the sleep deprived, my top tip is to prioritise your sleep. That means no coffee after 2pm or no booze (sorry!) three hours before bed – stimulants will only make you feel worse, add to your stress levels (hello cortisol) and keep you feeling tired and wired. Set an alarm for an hour before bed as your wind down time.' Plus more.

You can read the full article here

March 28, 2022 — Anne Marie Boyhan