Sleep Journal



I created this Sleep Journal after my own journey of discovery to find the secret to less stress and more sleep. Finding calming techniques that really worked, writing things down before bedtime, creating a space to unwind between the 'day' and 'going to bed' and knowing what to do and what not to do as recommended by the top sleep scientists from around the globe - once I followed this method, I slept well and felt like a new woman!  I've poured all of this into my Sleep Journal, so that you too can reclaim the sleep you deserve. 

The Sleep Journal helps you build a consistent evening routine and nourishing sleep rituals so you can have a good night's sleep, destress and wake up feeling refreshed and revived!

Putting pen to paper in the evening is known to aid sleep, and this Sleep Journal includes space for a nightly brain dump and writing down tomorrow's to-do list - according to some studies, writing to-do lists rather than completed tasks helps you fall asleep faster. 

You'll find pages of guidance based upon academic research by some of the world's top sleep experts.  You'll also find space for daily gratitude (did you know that recalling positive experiences in the evening improves sleep duration, quality, and daytime functioning?) alongside ideas for sleep rituals, exercises to get to sleep and for when you can't sleep and twelve weeks full of daily pages to create a remarkable evening routine. There's a sleep tracker so that you can keep track of your energy levels post slumber and twenty sleep affirmations which can be read nightly as part of your sleep ritual, to help replace existing negative thoughts that may have about sleep or your day.

Think of it like a nurturing daily companion who guides you towards more sleep, while improving your overall health and wellness. It's a great gift or self-gift for anyone looking to make self-care for sleep a regular practice. 


  • Luxury, hardback sleep journal - fits neatly on your bedside table
  • Sleep ritual suggestions from 2 minutes to 2 hours
  • Daily space to plan your evening sleep routine 
  • Sleep affirmations
  • Daily gratitude and win of the day daily pages
  • Before bedtime thoughts and to-dos space
  • Proven sleep tips, according to the world's top sleep scientists
  • Exercises for when you can't sleep
  • Guided Bedtime Yoga poses
  • Suggestions for nutrients and botanicals to aid sleep 
  • Sleep tracker

Additional information

Weight: 0.55 kg

Size: A5, 22 x 15 x 3 cm

Pages: 228

Paper: High quality 120gsm paper that will highlight every vivid colour without any bleeding and is fountain pen friendly (joy!) 

Sewn bound so that you can open the pages flat

Sleek, minimalist design which looks good on a bookshelf or bedside table

Made in Ireland including printing