The Sleep Routine Kit


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Not sure where to start or want to help someone you love get some shut eye?  Try our The Sleep Routine Kit, a beautiful curated gift box of sleep essentials to encourage a natural sleep.

  • Lovingly curated to maximise your sleep routine
  • Pillow Mist to transform your sleep space
  • A soothing roll on to calm your senses naturally
  • A Sleep Journal to guide you in creating your evening routine, with a space to brain dump and write your to-do list, suggested exercises to fall asleep and for when you can't sleep, sleep affirmations, a sleep tracker and tips from the world's top sleep experts.
  • A good sleep routine supports better sleep and better help and maximises our mood and energy levels the following day.

Flora and Fiona Rest Oil Apply to pulse points, or hands and inhale during your evening routine

Organic Pillow Mist MrsRganics Pillow Mist Mist has been recommended by a top sleep expert and it will transform your sleep space before bedtime. 

Sleep Journal Our trusty best friend who nurtures you to sleep every night has everything you need from a space to brain dump before bedtime to sleep affirmations, sleep yoga and space to develop your perfect evening routine. Available in white or green colour, please specify when you order.

High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil the most relaxing of all the lavenders due to its high ester content. Use in a diffuser or as a massage oil or apply locally or even as part of a facial steamer. 

How to use

As part of your evening routine and to prepare yourself to wind down for a perfect night's slumber, apply the Rest Oil roll-one on your pulse points, spritz the Organic Pillow Mist on your bed. Write your to-do list and read Sleep affirmations in your Sleep Journal while adding drops of the sleep blend (High Altitude Lavender Essential Oil) to your diffuser or inhale via a steam facial - all before you slip under the covers to drift off to sleep.