Sleep Bundle: Journal & Pillow Mist


Organic Pillow Mist

Recommended by one of Ireland's top sleep coaches, this organic pillow mist is made using the finest plant based, organic and natural ingredients. A luxurious blend of organic essential oils designed to enhance and create a tranquil, relaxing environment sure to infuse your room and lull you into a relaxing sleep. 100% organic.  

100 ml recyclable glass bottle.

When using as a pillow mist, spritz just before bedtime.


The Sleep Journal

The Sleep Journal helps you build a consistent evening routine and nourishing sleep rituals so you can have a good night's sleep, destress and wake up feeling refreshed and revived!

Putting pen to paper in the evening is known to aid sleep, and this Sleep Journal includes space for a nightly brain dump and writing down tomorrow's to-do list - according to some studies, writing to-do lists rather than completed tasks helps you fall asleep faster. 

You'll find pages of guidance based upon academic research by some of the world's top sleep experts.  You'll also find space for daily gratitude (did you know that recalling positive experiences in the evening improves sleep duration, quality, and daytime functioning?) alongside ideas for sleep rituals, exercises to get to sleep and for when you can't sleep and twelve weeks full of daily pages to create a remarkable evening routine. There's a sleep tracker so that you can keep track of your energy levels post slumber and twenty sleep affirmations which can be read nightly as part of your sleep ritual, to help replace existing negative thoughts that may have about sleep or your day.