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The Sleep Care Company | our mision To empower you to make sleep a priority

Our Mission

To empower you to make sleep a priority.

What makes me do what I do? It’s my mission to empower as many people as possible to make their sleep a priority and to make your bedroom your sanctuary.

Sleep is the cornerstone of health and wellness alongside fitness and nutrition and I believe that great days are built on the night before. If we can get a good night's sleep, through a great evening routine of sleep rituals, then we will wake up refreshed and revived, ready to take on anything the next day throws at us.

I want to empower you to sleep well every night of the week; after all, better sleep means better days.

Anne Marie Boyhan | The Sleep Care Company


Hello and thanks for stopping by! I'm Anne Marie Boyhan and I'm the founder of The Sleep Care Co. I am passionate about sleep, interiors and making a home a haven. My career for the past two decades saw me working in marketing in the corporate world in roles which I loved. There came a time, two babies later, when I wanted a change, I wanted to create something of my own, something that could perhaps help others.  It turned out that the universe was listening because in December 2019 it gave me a jolt and as I was going through the fog of it all, I finally decided that I was going to leave my role and set up a company of my own. That, coupled with the Pandemic, made me realise that life is for living and to create a lifestyle on my terms. Taking the leap has been both scary and exciting (scareciting, can that be a word?) and I became obsessed the subject of sleep, with studying sleep and learning techniques for how to destress and getting myself feeling better. And that's how The Sleep Care Co. was born! I am studying to be a health coach so that I can be better informed to help you on your wellness journey. My wish is that you can find your piece of calm and wellness here through my offering. 

Our Sleep Journal helps you build a consistent evening routine and nourishing sleep rituals so you can have a good night’s sleep

Our Products and Services

Sleep Rituals, Remedies and Resources.

I do this by offering the Sleep Journal, alongside curating the best sleep and self care products from around the globe. Our range transforms how you feel, enabling a true feeling of health and wellness through the restorative power of sleep. These alongside techniques and exercises through our workshops, events, blog and newsletter, are designed to support sleep, self-care, health and wellness at home and in the workplace.

Because everyone's pathway to sleep is different, we offer a broad range of sleep and wellness products ranging in wellness drinks to silk eye masks, silk pillowcases and sleep blends for diffusers to name but a few. I only choose the best products out there that actually work - there are no snake oils here! Know that when you buy here you are supporting small, independent businesses.

Join Our Community

If you're struggling with sleep know that you're not alone and I am here to guide and support you in finding the best sleep solution, exercise or scientifically backed resource that will work for you. I would love to see you join our community via the blog, newsletter, events and Instagram, all of which were created to support you on your sleep journey.